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Hi, I'm Marcello and I'm looking for an operating partner for The Freedom Project Bali . The Bali Freedom Project is a B2B B2C startup born a few months ago with the main goal to reintroduce freedom for selling online with the creation of a new revolutionary marketplace.

We are still in the pre-seed stage and still looking for a generous investor but we don't give up.

Why join in the Bali Freedom Project?

Because we want to create, first of all, a team of visionaries and brilliant people who don’t know the word impossible.

Because we know that in Europe, North America and the rest of the world every day becoming more difficult selling online.

Millions of sellers have given up and are just waiting for a new marketplace to sell.

We are creative, we accept mistakes but we are determined and we have a common goal: to reintroduce economic freedom.

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